About Sa’dia

Photo: BrainCandy

Photo: BrainCandy

A hairstylist would have been the last thing that high school classmates would have expected Sa’dia to become. Having grown up as an outspoken and opinionated tomboy, young- adult Sa’dia struggled with her fashion identity. You never knew what she was going to attempt to pull off next:  tie-dyed tights with denim shorts, orange overalls and orange high-top Reeboks, and windbreaker suits – lots of them.  She had tweezed nary an eyebrow before walking into cosmetology school on the first day.

After an attempt at SMSU, her mother’s hairstylist offered her a job as a receptionist and that’s where the passion was born. Originally, she had planned to become a manicurist, but a mere 30 days behind that desk told her that sitting all day was not in her DNA. Those girls working at the mirrors looked like they were having fun, so why not give that a try? In May of 2000 she finally found her niche behind the chair.

Sa’dia’s passion for hairstyling encompasses so much more than just giving a great hair cut. She enjoys the artistic aspect of creating entire looks for clients, from the cut to a flattering color, and makeup techniques to polish the look. She prides herself on being honest with her clients. If something is going to look unflattering or put the health of your hair in jeopardy she’ll let you know and explain why. Education is very important to her and you can be confident that she will teach you all you need to know about caring for your hair at home.  She also has a large male clientele which she attributes to her clear honesty and outgoing nature. She loves the opportunity to help a fashion challenged gent find his perfect look!

Sa’dia may have turned into a fashion-forward adult, but she’s not glitter and glam ALL the time. She’s still a nerdy tomboy at heart. Books line the walls of her home like trophies for her insatiable literary appetite.  She also enjoys a cold beer at a Cardinals game, and a long ride on her motorcycle.


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