Photo: Zara J - Wikimedia Commons

Photo: Zara J – Wikimedia Commons

We all love our jobs at Alchemy so much that it’s a little crazy! So when I was thinking of different blog topics I could write about I came across an idea- What if I write about a few things that would make my job even better? So here they are: 3 Things that you need to know so that I can do the best job possible for you!

  1. It’s science, not magic!

Chemistry & geometry are what our careers are all about. Sometimes we can bend the rules but some of them just can’t be broken. We love when you bring in photos as inspiration for your new ‘do! But we need you to know a few things about photos before you start pinning new haircuts & colors like a mad man.

  • Consider the fabric of the models hair- “Fabric” is a term we use to describe the state of your hair. Is it fine and thin? Fine but very dense? Coarse and thin? When looking at photos make sure that you’re looking at heads of hair that have the same fabric as your hair. Products can do a lot for you but they can’t do everything. If you’ve got Sarah Jessica Parker’s coarse and frizzy fabric and bring us a photo of that sleek fine fabric Katie Holmes bob… well, there’s only so much ‘magic’ our products and talent can do.
  •  Consider your hair history- When we ask if you’ve colored your hair previously we need you to dig WAY back. Hair only grows about half an inch per month or 6 inches per year. So when you say that your hair is all natural because you haven’t colored it in two years that means that the first 12 inches are ‘virgin’ or natural hair… but what about the rest? We’ll know that you weren’t truthful about your hair history when we start processing your color only to see that those ends are melting, turning green, or doing any of the other terrible things that hair can do when we don’t have all the information to formulate properly. Then we’re really in for a long and expensive corrective color process to get you to your goal. Be honest with us up front and it will save you time, money, and stress.
  1. Our  time cannot be inventoried

What I mean is that time is literally money to us. There are only so many work hours in the day so that means that there are a limited number of clients we can see daily. Essentially, our income is limited due to time restrictions. So when you forget your appointment it may not be that big of a deal to you. Next week, when things are less busy, you’ll call back in and reschedule. But our perspective is a little different. That time was set aside for you and you alone. So when you don’t show and forget to call we’re left with a hole. The income potential for that time is gone. We can’t put that hour back on the shelf and pull it out next week when we’re completely booked.

Life is not perfect. People get sick, kids get sick, emergencies happen and we totally understand! But for those things that you can control we just ask for a little advance notice. And on that note…

  1. We’re human just like you

Two winters ago Paulette was halfway through a cut and color on a client when her client laughingly said, “I’ve had the flu for the last 3 days but I wasn’t about to miss my favorite pampering session with you!” Immediately, we knew what that meant. The flu was about to hit Alchemy. Hard. Two days later Paulette was forced to miss 5 days of work because she caught the flu.  Three days after it hit her it hit me, putting me out of work for 4 days. Just three days after that, Kayla came down with it too for a week. It. Was. Miserable.

When we get sick it can affect dozens of others. All those clients for that two week period had to be rescheduled and each of us lost our income potential for the time we were laid up. Essentially, the lack of consideration on the part of that initial ill client caused a massive ripple effect.  So when you’re under the weather we ask that you reschedule your appointment. That way you can get well and we can stay well so that we can service you better!

P.S Sometimes illness is unavoidable and although we hate to do it, sometimes we will be forced to move your appointment. Please be kind to our staff when they call with the bad news. Being hateful to our helpers won’t speed our healing process. Trust us, we’re trying as hard as we can to get well so that we can get back behind the chair!

We hope these three little tips help make your experience at Alchemy better, and we are so happy you have chosen us as your hair “Home!”