sway before/after

I mentioned our newfound love affair with DevaCurl products a few weeks ago when I wrote this post describing our experience at Discover in St. Louis.  I now use DevaCurl exclusively on my own naturally curly hair, and Sa’dia wanted to try the products out as well. Sa’dia usually wears her ultra-long hair straight, but she has a tiny bit of frizz if she dries her hair naturally. According to the folks at DevaCurl, frizz is a sign of having natural wave – or Swavy(slightly wavy) hair! Who knew??

So as a little experiment, we did the Deva 3-Step on her last week. (The 3-step shampoo, conditioning, and styling treatment we do for our curly girls at Alchemy.)  We let her hair air-dry for a bit, then used the DevaFuser to finish the job.

And wow! After we finished, she had masses of beachy waves!

So, here’s the thing about DevaCurl: it’s for ALL types of wavy-curly hair. They have four categories of curl:

  • Swavy – slightly wavy. When air-dried, hair is frizzy with a slight S-shaped wave pattern.
  • Wavy – tighter waves than swavy. Think Lady Edith from Downton Abbey hair.
  • Botticelli – loose ringlets/bouncy curls. This is where I fall. Reminiscent of the curls in Renaissance paintings.
  • Corkscrew – the tightest pattern. Spirals measuring about the diameter of a pencil or even tighter. Lots of recoil when pulled straight and released.

The most fabulous thing about the products is the way they make your hair feel. Zero crunch-factor, and zero frizz. It’s like the Holy Grail for curly girls!

Want to try the Deva 3-Step, and discover your inner curly girl?  Call or email to set an appointment to give it a twirl!