We were so excited to attend State Beauty Supply’s huge conference and hair/nail show in St. Louis this month! Continuing education is very important to us at Alchemy, and the Discover show featured many new techniques and products that we will be able to utilize within the salon. We had the opportunity to sit in on several sessions including bridal makeup application, gel nail techniques, business development, and curly hair cutting and styling.



One of our very favorite sessions was the class for DevaCurl. While I have used some of the DevaCurl products on my own curly locks, I was so surprised by the dramatic results when you use all of the products in conjunction. We watched the instructors do several Deva 3-Step treatments on women with a variety of curl types – from slightly wavy to highly textured. All were thrilled with the lack of frizz and the soft definition their hair enjoyed from the hydration the products provide. We are looking forward to debuting these products in our salon soon, and will be seeking Deva Certification so that we can better serve our curly clientele!

The Pravana show was good – we learned more about applying pigmented tones to pre-lightened hair, and a quick and easy way to cut rainbow bangs! Kayla enjoyed the OPI Gels class, and learned techniques for expediting her service times. The Dashing Diva class was her very favorite – and we are now offering some of their enhancements and decals in the salon.  The stage shows are a sight to behold – the Big Sexy Hair show even featured gogo dancers! It can all be a little overwhelming, but so fun…and hairdressers make for some of the best people-watching ever!


After our classes, we were famished and still digesting all of the information we’d been given, so we headed over to the 360 Lounge (we highly recommend!) above the Hilton hotel to take in the view, have a dinnertime cocktail, and discuss ways we could utilize the techniques we’d learned at Alchemy. It was interesting – we only met one other stylist from our area at the show. Even though continuing education is expensive, and means using our regular days off to travel, it’s so worth it. Continuing ed isn’t a requirement in our industry, but it really should be. Trends, products, and techniques are always evolving, and it’s impossible to stay on top of industry changes without these events. Hair shows prevent burnout and are a fantastic way to network and discover what is popular in other markets – especially since the Midwest can be one of the last areas to support new trends.  We are looking forward to our next adventure in hair education, and anxious to learn more about our industry. We truly have the best jobs!  ~Paulette