Besides coffee (ask the other girls) there are a few things that I really can’t do without in my life. These are products that have stood the test of time for me – things that I always use until they are empty, and then promptly buy more of. I consider them my LBDs of the bathroom counter.

Cleansing Cloths

Oil of Olay Regenerist Cleansing Cloths

I’m a lazy girl sometimes. I used to be really bad in my twenties and early thirties, and go to bed with my makeup on. That is a big no-no, ladies. Dermatologists say that one of the quickest ways to age is to not remove your makeup each night. So whether you’re on vacation, had a few drinks and just can’t be bothered to wet a washcloth to clean your visage, or you’re just like me – lazy – these little pre-moistened cloths are your BFF. They take everything off your face, including waterproof mascara. I am lost without them. They are slowly saving me from looking like Marlon Brando in The Godfather.  Available here.


Sephora Brush Cleaner

Sephora Daily Brush Cleaner

Ok, going back to that lazy thing. How many times do you gals clean your makeup brushes? I know, I know – some of you are overachievers. But before I discovered this easy brush cleaner, I would maybe wash my personal makeup brushes once a week. There’s no substitute for a good solid scrub (just use your shampoo) but this spray is great to sanitize and clean your gear after each application. Just spritz and wipe with a soft towel, and they’re ready to go. We also use this at the salon to clean our professional makeup brushes after each client. If you’re prone to breakouts and skin allergies, cleaning your brushes after each use is imperative. You wouldn’t want to look at those dirty brushes under a microscope. Eek. Available here.

Simply Ageless

Cover Girl + Olay Simply Ageless Foundation

I have used many foundations in my 39 years, but this has been my top choice for the last five years. It glides on top of the skin, still providing full coverage, with a dewy and breathable finish. It doesn’t clog pores, or emphasize fine lines. It also has SPF built in – something else that any dermatologist will tell you is very important.  Sa’dia and I both use this foundation. The concealer is pretty fabulous as well. If you want something that’s more than a tinted moisturizer, but doesn’t leave you feeling like you’re wearing a bad Halloween mask, this is your ticket.  And you can’t beat the price.  Available here.