With the changing temperatures, our hair, skin, and nails undergo some serious stress. The dry air inside coupled with harsh winds and the hot showers we take to warm ourselves after being out in the cold, combine to sabotage our looks. So, what’s a girl to do? Hydration is key, so drinking plenty of water and applying a moisturizer to the face and body are good ways to combat dryness. Switching your skincare routine to accommodate dry skin also will help – instead of using an astringent or clarifying cleanser, consider removing makeup with a cream cleanser such as Pond’s cold cream. This classic has been a staple in women’s bathrooms for decades. Sa’dia swears by a simple mixture of castor oil and olive oil to cleanse her skin all year round, and her skin always looks great!

skincare collage


At night, apply a moisturizing treatment to the face, paying attention to the neck and decollete as well as any fine lines. Nivea skin cream is known as the poor man’s Creme de la Mer, one of the most well-known (and expensive) skin creams among Hollywood’s elite. You needn’t spend a lot of money to keep your skin supple and moisturized. A personal favorite of mine is Olay Regenerist Microsculpting cream. It makes my skin feel baby soft the next morning, and helps plump up creases. Don’t forget moisturizer with SPF during the day – even overcast skies can’t shield you from damaging UV rays.  And don’t neglect your kisser! A tip to avoid chapped lips is to exfoliate them gently each night with a soft toothbrush, and apply a lip balm. I like Yes to Carrots or EOS.

eos balm

For the hair, the moisture mantra continues.  Consider switching to a moisturizing shampoo, or a sulfate free shampoo such as Paul Mitchell’s Forever Blonde. (P.S. – It’s not just for blondes! All of the Alchemy girls use it on their hair. It protects color and helps with tangles.) Allowing hair to air-dry on the weekends, and practicing our Dirty Girl Philosophy will help keep split ends and itchy scalps at bay. Use a heat-protectant like Hot Off The Press to protect your strands before curling or flat-ironing, and carry a small bottle of Super Skinny Serum in your purse to combat static and dryness throughout the day. If dry scalp is a problem for you, use Tea Tree Special Shampoo on your hair once a week, and make a masque of the Tea Tree Conditioner. Leave it for 15-20 minutes before rinsing with cold water. For super serious cases, leave it overnight, wrapped in Saran Wrap and a shower cap, rinse the next morning, and your scalp will feel tingly and fresh all day!


Winter needn’t be a time of year that leaves your beauty routine in the cold. Practice these moisture-rich tips, and you’ll travel into the frigid months glowing and refreshed!