At Alchemy, we are frugal fashionistas! We love repurposing clothing and household items to become something new and super cool. During a recent thrift-shopping expedition, I picked up this sweater for just 25 cents!


It was pretty cute, but the sleeves were way too short for my lengthy limbs. So, lightbulb moment! How about making them into super fun leg warmers??


This is a no-sew project, which is great for me, because I never learned to sew, even though I’ve been hauling around a broken sewing machine for 8 + years. Maybe I shouldn’t move so much. Or get rid of the sewing machine. Anyway…on to the project.


Grab a pair of nice, sharp scissors. Lay out the sweater with the sleeves extended. Make your cut on the other side of the seam of the sleeve, closest to the neck of the sweater.


To make sure you aren’t cutting through the seams, open up the sleeve slightly as you cut around the opening. Repeat for the other arm. The cut side will be the part of the leg-warmer that goes into your boots.


When both arms have been removed, clean up around the edges of the seam, just being careful to not remove the reinforced stitching where the seam originally met the sweater. This will ensure a snug fit for your leg-warmers, and no ravels.


When you’re all done, pull the leg-warmers on with the cuff of the sleeve at the top. You can pull them up to your calf for higher boots, or wear them scrunched around your ankles.  Pop on your favorite boots, and you’re looking super stylish for fall. That took, like 10 minutes. Pretty cool, huh?