Last year we introduced many of you to our Dirty Is Relative blog series. It was a big hit and now so many of you have happier healthier hair! But we kinda played a dirty little trick on you (terrible pun intended).  Now we’ve gotten back to our wonderful hot and sticky summer weather and you’re crying for help with Sweaty Head Syndrome!

Don’t fall off the wagon! We have one simple tip to help you stay on you Dirty Journey and not feel so gross while doing it.

Sweat: The where and what

Our bodies are equipped with 2 types of sweat glands: apocrine- mostly in the armpit- and eccrine- found all over the body including the scalp. The apocrine glands are the ones guilty of producing body odor and thankfully those aren’t found on the scalp!

So what is sweat made of and why do we find it so gross? The answer might surprise you. Sweat is a solution consisting of 2% various chemicals which is mostly sodium chloride (salt) and 98% WATER! The ‘gross’ factor is really just in our heads.

Sweaty Head Syndrome: the fix

Now that we know that our sweat really isn’t as disgusting as we originally thought it’s time to share the tip to get you through between shampoos.


Blow it out!


Yeah, it really is that easy. If sweat is 98% water then just take your blow-dryer to the gym and dry it after your work out. No rinsing in the shower. No shampoo. No conditioner. Just simply dry the sweat out! You’ll be left with all that nice salt in your hair. If a day at the beach has taught us anything, it’s that salt in your tresses can give it an amazing bit of texture and volume!

If you still just can’t get over the mentally gross-factor, you can cheat.  You can always do a quick rinse and condition. Just don’t shampoo. That will rinse out the sweat, but without the use of shampoo you’ll still be ahead of the health and color fade game.

Never try the baby powder trick on sweaty hair. You’ll just end up with a white muddy hot mess. Literally.  It’s best not to add too much product to your hair when it’s sweaty, although a refreshing mist of leave-in conditioner or Texturizing Sea Spray can help add a bit more workability to your tresses.  That beachy, carefree look is a big hit with the fellas.

So, in the end it really comes down to a head game. You’re not as gross as you think you are. Now that should make you feel better, dirty girls!

By: Sa’dia