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Hi everyone!  Here is our new, improved website!  We’re super glad you’re here. The Interwebs, they are a-changing, and we have to run to keep up. Since many people use their mobile devices to access websites nowadays, ours just wasn’t up to par, and it was time for a redesign. We had the uber-talented Charlie Rosenbury and crew rework our logo and plug in a new design.  Then we took LOTS of new photos and added the menus and content. It was fun, and at times hilarious. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Cruise around the site, check out the new bios we had fun writing, and come back to this blog often. We’re going to be posting much more frequently, and we want your feedback on our posts and tutorials. If you find something helpful or have suggestions, don’t hesitate to add input to the Comments section of each post.  Also make sure and look at our new service menus – we have added Kayla’s nail services and a separate menu for the guys.

Welcome to the NEW!