Roots & Wings by Jessica Mahan

On Friday, June 7th, Alchemy will feature the artwork of Jessica Mahan. “Storms, Roots & Wings” is a celebration of life and beauty rendered in chalk pastels, acrylics, watercolor and mixed media. Jessica is an art teacher in the Republic School District, and has been featured on Alchemy’s walls in the past, to a phenomenal response.  A reception will be held on June 7th from 7-9 PM, featuring live music as well as complimentary wine and beer for purchase.


“Storms, Roots and Wings”
Rain, wind, thunder, flashes of light and color have been a near-constant influence for my canvas in this series.
As recent storms have been building, creeping toward my windowed studio, they’ve brought beauty and terror to my work.
 As the storm approaches, there is a rush to arrive home from my job as an art teacher to cover a canvas in watered down acrylic paint; stand outside watching the paint stream down the canvas, adding more drips and textured dabs—depicting the colors of the approaching storm. The first drops of rain from an angry spring storm have assisted in creating the depth of texture before the crack of lightening hurried my work indoors.
Trees and birds are also common in my work. Trees seem to hold a secret wisdom. The older and more gnarled, the better. I am fascinated with birds and flight as a common symbol of freedom, but also with clarity and clearing of the mind.
I started painting in oil while attending Evangel University. While I enjoyed the texture of oil, I experimented with acrylic at College of the Ozarks. Acrylic is a very versatile medium—it can be watered down, thickened and textured. Most of my work has been in acrylic, but I have recently been experimenting in watercolor and chalk pastels. I have had some fruitful experimentation in watercolor. Watercolor feels more fluid than acrylic, while acrylic causes constant interruption in the artistic process to reload the brush. Chalk pastels have been used on black, textured paper for vivid contrast.
Jessica Mahan Art