Josette – one of our favorite clients!

One of the most frequent questions/concerns we address here at Alchemy is one of age and hairstyle. Women are especially concerned about the “rules” concerning haircuts and color when they are of a certain age. Our clientele comprises a wide demographic, but many of our customers fall in the 45-70 year-old range. Many of them are professional, chic, and successful women, yet their hair is a cause of stress. We hear things like: “I’m too old for long hair. I’m too busy to spend time styling my hair in the morning. When should I grow my grey out?”

We believe that rules are there to be broken at Alchemy, and there are no hard and fast answers. We think that each individual woman, no matter her age, has a style that is uniquely her own.  If you like long hair, who says you have to cut it after 40? True, you may want to forgo the Godiva-length main for a more manageable length, but you won’t look like a witch if it’s just below your shoulders. Think of Catherine Deneuve and Lauren Bacall, who both rocked long hair well into their 40′s and 50′s. If you’re tired of long hair, and prefer a more sleek and sophisticated look, it may be time to make the cut. Mid-length and shorter styles offer versatility, timely styling, and a polished silhouette.

As for the “when to go grey” question, that is a very personal one. Some women feel confident enough to never color their grey strands – even if they became grey at a young age. Others choose to cover their grey for decades. The only issue with coloring grey hair is the time it takes to maintain your color. Much of it comes down to percentages. If you are 25% grey or less, maintaining your color will not be that much of a burden on your pocketbook or your time. However, when you get to the 50-75% mark, you will need to come in at least every 4 weeks to keep those silver strands in hiding. This is the point that many women choose to transition to grey. It is best to do it in stages – we usually start out by highlighting and lowlighting the hair as the grey grows out. At some point, however, it will be time to cold-turkey the color, cut the hair as short as you can bear to, and become a Grey Goddess. Confidence is the biggest factor in wearing your hair in its natural state. 

If you are at an age that you fear people will view you as older than you are, it may be wise to wait, and just go lighter. Blonde shades tend to camouflage grey better than deeper shades, and the variegation of highlights and lowlights are a good place to start if you are wanting to blend your grey. Another option is our grey-blending temporary color: Paul Mitchell Flashback. This tint will provide semi-transparent coverage of grey, and gradually washes out. It is a hit with both men and women who wish to cover their grey without too much of a commitment!

Again, there are no absolutes when it comes to styling your more mature strands. Your texture may change with the years, so keeping your hair and scalp conditioned and healthy are key. Come in for regular trims, choose the proper styling products that your Alchemy stylist recommends, and remember that change is something that happens to us all! Aging needn’t be a time of dowdy clothing and matronly hair. You can still be sexy, fierce, and fashionable – so let your personality shine through!