My Grandma was a kindergarten teacher for almost 30 years. She has always told me that “all we need to know to be successful we can learn from history.” I agree with that statement, but not in the aspect of avoiding nasty wars or escaping another 1930’s depression. Everything you need to know about American history can be found on the heads of its most famous styles. Forget climbing corporate ladders or giving Emmy acceptance speeches, these women are rocking hairstyles that will hold them in our history books forever.


Jackie O’mazing

Jackie Kennedy was an icon on several levels, but her hair sent the women of America into as big of a tizzy as her perfectly polished wardrobe. Obviously, marrying a Kennedy wasn’t in the cards for most women, but they could leave the beauty shopped with a perfectly coifed ‘do, add a strand of pearls before dinner, and HELLO Mr.President! This haircut empowered women because it took them from a housewife to a housewife hottie. It allowed them to step outside of traditional and boring and embrace their elegant and beautiful inner-lady. To this date, we still equate a timeless elegant look to Jackie O. That trumps any tax act law I’ve read about.


Farrah Foxy Faucett

After a few years of perfecting the “just right”  hair, Farrah Faucett blew (all pun intended) in and wowed us with her blown-out hairstyle. Short, perfectly curled under tresses were pushed aside for long blown-out volume and pure sex appeal. Jackie O may have been appealing to all the housewives of America, but Farrah entranced their teenage daughters. It wasn’t just the awkward 15-year-old boy with the iconic poster of Farrah on his wall; it was the 15-year-old teenage girls too. She was a woman that is rarely found: men wanted her and women to be her.


Hold Up Hammill

Dorothy Hammill wasn’t about to let Farrah and long locks take over this whole era, though. In the midst of blown-out hairdos running rampant across America, Dorothy offered something edgy and different to someone who wanted to stand out: the wedge. The day after Dorothy glided out on the ice with her wedged black cut, the salons were filled with women dying to be different with a short, edgy cut. This was the Emma Watson cut of the late 70s.  She was the mod icon of her day.



Pretty Pam Anderson

If you remember standing in front of your mirror with your comb, holding all 12 inches of your hair straight upwards from your head while assaulting it with a can of Aquanet, there’s a good chance you were a child of the 80’s. Big perms were teased to the extreme and accented with feathered frames around the face,  held firmly in place with enough hair spray to go toe-to-toe with any natural disaster involving high winds. If you didn’t go through 3-5 bottles of spray a week, you weren’t doing something right. You probably don’t have any romantic stories of your boyfriend running his fingers through your hair because truth be told, he’d have to sacrifice that finger if he tried to run it through that mess. It’s ok though, you didn’t really run your fingers through his hair either because you might dislodge his perfectly placed cigarette behind his ear, or emerge covered in grease.  We can thank the likes of Miss Pam Anderson, Reba McEntire and Delta Burke for this hot mess.


“Rach”  Craze

Unless you lived under a rock, you spent most nights in the 90’s wishing with all your might you’d wake up looking like Jennifer Aniston. Then girlfriend  REALLY did something to help us all out; the Rachel. These long layers made it possible for us to all live a little more like our favorite “friend”. More layers were cut into hair this decade than were made at a CATS ballet audition. This is a historical cut in that even after Jennifer outgrew Rachel, America didn’t. People still want the Rachel cut, and much like Jackie O, the Rachel is in the running for a timeless style.


Billy vs Kate

It’s not often anyone would want to duke it out with Billy Ray Cyrus over “who wore it best” but Kate Gosselin has found herself firmly planted in a Best Mullet Competition; and the consensus is she’s winning. Congratulations Kate on trade-marking one of the worst haircuts to tear through our country’s history, only to be rivaled by one Billy Ray Cyrus. Your mother should be so proud. And that’s all I have to say about that.


Love you Long Time

After Jennifer gave us the gift of Rachel, women really started to embrace their inner New Yorker. Like “Sarah Jessica Parker New Yorker.”  Long hair came back with a vengeance, but women wanted the option, like Carrie, to wear it big and curly or sleek and straight. In a day of instant gratification no one wants to be tied to a specific style. We want to feel fun with our curls but sexy with our straight. The ability to switch our hair allowed women to switch their personalities. They didn’t just have a mom cut, a perm, or a blow out, they had the ability to have it all. And if being able to have it all isn’t trending right now, well I don’t know what is.